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Krause Consultancy specialises in strategic business management consultation and peak performance coaching and training. Owner Steve Krause is also a Director of Training and Development at Innermetrix, an International consulting firm with operations in five continents. offering a comprehensive suite of cutting edge business diagnostic tools and developmental processes.

Our focus at Krause Consultancy is in helping businesses to identify key critical issues that are blocking performance and growth and to initiate solutions that will drive success.

Discover How KC can help your business to identify, clarify and quantify precisely how to optimise performance, productivity and profitability of your whole organisation.

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Make your next safety event the best ever! There’s no better way to inspire, motivate and engage your Leaders, Managers, Supervisors and Workers. Get them talking, listening and taking action towards achieving 100% safety at your organisation.Whether you want to turbocharge your organisations motivation for the benefits of working safely at your next open day… or if you are interested in the complete culture changing package!
“If you are serious about changing your health and safety culture – where you really want to see an immediate reduction in incidents – use Steve. When a business tries a new approach to improving health and safety performance you have to be sure that the outcomes will be positive and I can’t thank Steve enough for assisting us in getting where we are today.”Kevin Rowe (SHEQ Manager, Mabey Bridge Ltd).
Discover how KC can help to optimise your businesses safety performance towards achieving zero accidents throughout your whole organisation.
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Imagine being excited and outrageously happy about getting up and seizing the adventure that is your life, everyday.

Discover your life’s purpose, stick to your health related goals, boost your self-esteem and confidence and your ability to feel in control, aware and safe at all times. Learn to move with self-assurance and an heir of confidence that emits a signal to everyone around you… that you are special!

In my teachings I use a unique blend of Eastern Philosophy and Western Science I call the ‘Tao of Living Life’ By bringing the mind the body and the environment into harmony it is possible for anyone to increase the success results they are creating in their life and business.
If you are sincerely interested in embarking upon a training adventure that will get you into the very best mental and physical shape of your life… I would be honoured to meet you.
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